Eye Brows

مرکز هاشور ابرو الناز رضایی

سالن زیبایی الی دخت


Hatch career in Iran

Hatch career in Iran

Hello friends


E. Rezaei am




6 years working as a professional eyebrow tattoo and lacy do in Mashhad


I spent a micropigmentation you Mashhad

 After that I saw a lot of interest

And consumers from my countdown


 Professional period spent in Dubai

I love my eighth

When an eyebrow Hatch I'm the best sense of the world
And really enjoy my job


My dear friends, if you're beautiful and you have a valuable treasure
For a little cheaper, beauty throw yourself at risk
I fully investigate where and who Micro's services for you

I always tell my clients: "Be sure to do your Pigmenter works closely see and be sure of what to photos with one of their works pigmenter"



Almost all of the pencil itself, but anyone who ignored the painter pencils Nice

They can use many of the tattoo machine tattoo machine itself, but anyone who has not ignored the tattoo artist

Your skin is very high value so as to know it and not leave it in the hands of anyone ?


I'm waiting for each of your loved ones Micro Center ?

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